Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stamp Supplies!

As promised: a colorful post during grey days! 

Love my colorful collection of stamp supplies!! :) Some of the stuff I've got in there:

If you'd like to make a stamp yourself, you can check out my tutorial here. Beware: it's very addictive!!! :)


  1. Hi Jenny! Great blog. Which size/number Pfeil lino cutters would you recommend to get started? I have some speedy carve blocks and I'm dying to get started!

    1. Hi Ann! I mostly use my Pfeil L11/0,5 mm when making a stamp: it's small and precise and perfect for carving out thin lines. To remove bigger pieces of carve block I often use cheaper cutters, but for the precise outlining I always use with my Pfeil :) Good luck and thanks for stopping by!