Friday, May 8, 2015


Taking snapshots with my iPhone and editing them on Instagram is a lot of fun and incredibly convenient. I love how easy it has become to document everyday life and collect moments and memories! :) But it's also fun to grab my DSLR every once in a while to shoot some pictures not in need of a filter. To use the settings and natural lighting to create pictures that are ready to go, bursting with color. Of course, it also helps when you have some pretty flowers at your disposal ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hello Spring :)

I feel like Spring is off to a late start this year… There are still too many rainy days with low temperatures for my taste! Fortunately there have also been a few very lovely warm days filled with sunshine, outdoor activities and admiring the blooming Wild, family-trips to the zoo, slow evening strolls, birthday celebrations, goodbye parties, presents, flowers and lots of coffee :)

Let's hope Spring has a lot more sunny days in store for us in the upcoming weeks :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Goodbye Arnhem!

For the past six months I've been working in Arnhem and last week we got to visit a building project at Central Station - very interesting and a great opportunity for some snapshots :) The visit also came just in time for me, since it was my last week on the job. Going behind the scenes of such a large project was a fun send-off - I really grew fond of this city and all the people I met there. 

So goodbye Arnhem! I'm off to my next adventure :) 

Monday, April 6, 2015

About Endings And New Beginnings

Hey Blogland! I feel like I haven't been around here in ages, but I guess it was only a month. And it feels like I've been living in my current home forever but I only moved last December. That also means I started my new job only six months ago... which is insane. I can hardly remember my old life - it feels a lifetime away.

I guess it's remarkable how quickly the mind settles when all is well, and you have found a place in the world to call home again. It felt good not expecting anything of myself, and then making steps in the right direction anyway. These last weeks were filled with work, social outbursts, Dutch Comic Con, reading and binge watching, a colorful brunch slash housewarming party, early morning walks, a lot of creativity and even some crochet pattern designs of my own!

There are still pieces of myself missing, and some I will never get back - but that's okay. I'll fill in the blanks as I go along :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Crochet Pear Tutorial :)

I hadn't come around to hanging my Pirum Parum-poster by Fine Little Day in my new home yet, so when my new - PINK! :) - sofa arrived and I finally got around to it, I realized the two looked perfect together :) 

And suddenly I felt the strong urge... to crochet a pear!! 

Aren't they cute together? :) I used patterns I found online so this 'tutorial' will simply be a quick walkthrough of how I made the pear, linking to the patterns I've used. Give credit where credit is due, right?! ;)

Pear Pattern
I used this free pattern by June Gilbank on Planet June, which makes for a great pear-shaped plushie! :) Beware of round 5 though: for some reason I kept ending up with a few stitches too many, even on a retry. No idea if it was me or the pattern… but I eventually fixed it with an invisible decrease to end up with 18 stitches for rounds 6-9! Problem solved ;)

Yarn & hook size
By using a chunky grey yarn I had lying around (hook size 8) my pear ended up much bigger than the one in the tutorial - just the way I had planned :) So basically you can use any yarn and matching hook size you'd like to create a bigger or smaller pear. Note that if you decide to go for a bigger pear, you'll need to start stuffing your plushie a few rounds before the patterns tells you to, otherwise the hole will be too small to get the stuffing in properly!

Eyes & nose
For the eyes I used 8mm plastic safety eyes and for the nose a 15 mm plastic safety nose. Please note that the links refer to a random Etsy-shop to give you an example - I bought mine at a local shop ages ago so please search online or in your area where to find them in your country.

With a smaller yarn and hook size (I used a 3,5 mm hook with matching yarn):

Start with a Magic Circle
Round 1: Single crochet 6 times into the Magic Circle and join with a slip stitch to the first sc (6 st)
Round 2: 2 sc into every stitch from round 1 (12 st)
Join with a slip stitch to first stitch from round to and fasten off

Leave a long end of yarn to stitch the cheeks unto your pear. 

And last but not least… adding a Leaf
For the leaf I used this free pattern by Crochet with Raymond, and the same yarn and hook size (3,5mm) I used for the cheeks.


And there you have it!! Quite a simple little project really… with a very cute result :)

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Corners

I am still so incredibly happy about my new home and the town that came with it! :) I keep discovering new streets, shops and restaurants - it's so much fun to explore a new city! I never expected to feel so at home here, but I do, and I'm very aware of how happy and thankful I am for that. These pictures I took the other day when I went for a stroll with a friend, on a beautiful sunny day with Spring in the air. I genuinely felt I was on some sort of city trip, looking at historical buildings and not knowing what would be around the next corner… then realized it was just a friday and I was 15 minutes away from home. Like I said: I'm loving it ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A January Walk (The 2015 Edition)

January flew by - as she always does. And despite the cold I still enjoy exploring my new hometown. This little stretch of woodland lies near my home, and I can cross it on my way to the supermarket. Not a bad way to get around, I can tell you ;) Last year, when I had my January Walk at the same place I had it the year before and the year before that, I would have never ever guessed to be where I am today. But I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to break free of old habits, and be inspired by so many new things!

Now it's off to February we go - my least favorite month of the year… Even though it's short in days, it always feels so long, and I already crave for Spring. But I guess we should make the most of Winter while it lasts… So bring on the warm socks, hot tea and coziness, and we'll make it to March :)