Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pinterest Picks: DIY Photography

As you might or might not know: I LOVE PINTEREST!!! :) I think it's one of the most simple yet brilliant ideas you can find online, and when I think of the way I used to keep track of stuff - by bookmarks and saving pictures to my computer - I can't help but smile :) I now use Pinterest on a daily base for shopping lists, holiday planning, DIY ideas and general inspiration, and with over 9.000 pins I'm on a roll!

So I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite pins over here, picking a different board every time! Unfortunately Pinterest for some reason decided to make embedding pins an excruciating process (why, Pinterest, WHY?!?) but I won't let that stop me! ;)

So here it is: my top 10 pins from my board... DIY Photography!

#2: DIY Wooden Polaroid Gift Set (by Sugar & Cloth)

#3: Washi Tape Picture Frames (via Design Sponge)

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