Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year (and a One Year Anniversary)

Hello everyone, and a very happy, healthy and colorful New Year to all of you! :) I hope 2014 will bring you love, chocolate, good company and all those other things that make life worthwhile. 

Today is not only the first day of a new year, it's also the first anniversary of this blog! Exactly one year ago I posted my first message after months of preparing the layout, design and colors. I needed this blog to be fresh and clean and calm - a perfect canvas for colorful photography and crafts. And after one year of blogging I'm happy to say I still feel very much at home here :) 

Thanks to all of you who are now following this blog through Blogger, Facebook and Bloglovin', the dozens of people who left comments or sent emails, and the many people who shared my pictures and tutorials on their blogs and Pinterest. Although I'm not very good at expressing it online, it's always great to hear from you, and it's always nice to see stuff you've created take on a little life of its own. 

I hope to continue my blogging journey in 2014, with more colorful photographs and crafty goodness. Hope to see you there!! :)

~ Jenny


  1. Happy blogiversary! I just found your blog and am loving your beautiful crochet projects and photography. Happy new year :)

    1. Thanks Alycia & thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Happy new year and you are welcome. :o)