Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Weekly Notebook by Flow Magazine

One of the best things about January for me is definitely being able to start a new journal! :) Last year I settled for a weekly journal I got somewhere for free, but I used it so much that I decided to buy a decent one this year. And as soon as I saw this weekly notebook between all the other ones at the store, I knew I loved it. The color, the pattern, the bunny - so pretty!!

It turned out to be the journal designed by Flow Magazine. Flow is a Dutch magazine dedicated to paper, crafts and mindfullness, and I wrote about their Book For Paper Lovers a few weeks ago. They did such a great job with this weekly notebook! It's filled with illustrations (by Japanese artist Aiko Fukawa), colors, patterns, inspiring questions and papery goodness like a mini bunting, little envelopes and stickers. The size is roughly A5 (22x19cm) so it's quite big for a journal; I guess that's why they call it a weekly notebook ;) The quality of the paper is really lovely and there's lots of space to write, so it really does feel like so much more than just an ordinary weekly journal. 

And of course I couldn't resist a little decorating myself ;)

Here's a great flip through video Flow made: 

You can buy your own copy here

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