Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Little Update

As far as blogging is concerned, these might be some of the most absent months since I started over a decade ago ;) But I don't mind, because it meant I was super busy doing other stuff! I started a course of Tai Chi, reconnected with old friends, met all kinds of new people, enjoyed loads of fun dinner-parties, discovered new beautiful places and spent three days straight sitting in the sun sipping drinks with friends. There was a birthday-related roadtrip, with all kinds of birthday-related loveliness including family, a high tea and a swimming pool (yes please!). Also: BBQ, cocktails, wedding dresses (not for me ;) and (a bit of...) studying. Oh, and I decided to buy a house this year. *YIKES!!*

So yeah, blogging wasn't on top of my list these past few months.

But I can't really say I mind ;)