Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pretty Little Flowers

How gorgeous is this little flower? :) Still enjoying these succulents SO MUCH!! I bought this one at Ikea last month, where it was kept in a room without daylight. While walking around, watching the plants, I suddenly felt like I was in some sort of sad succulent shelter where all the succulents needed to be rescued...

Well, I couldn't save them all, but I saved this one! :)


  1. Hey! New follower here, I found you as I am using your Sunburst Granny Square blanket tutorial, thank you so much for posting it, I look at your page nearly every day as I crochet, following along. I also blog and would love to show my progress. I will link up to your blog to show where I got the pattern from, is this ok?

    Looking forward to continuing to read the rest of your blog.

    Lyndsay xx

    1. Hi Lyndsay!

      Feel free to link to the pattern - I'm so glad to hear you like the tutorial! :) Thank you for sharing your colorful blog - I will take a look around for sure and will keep an eye out for your Sunburst updates :)

      ~ Jenny