Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back In Business (kind of...)

To everyone who started following Nittybits on Facebook and Bloglovin': welcome! :) To everyone who left a comment or sent an e-mail: thank you! And to everyone who is still waiting for my reply: I'm so sorry...

Besides being crazy busy at work the past few months I had an operation about two weeks ago. Nothing serious: they removed my tonsils. But damn, it sure was painful!! Or actually: it is painful, because I'm still not fully recovered.

The upside to feeling so absolutely horrible for two weeks - I couldn't eat anything for 8 days and didn't talk for 12 - is the appreciation you feel for all the ordinary stuff you normally take for granted. Like chatting with people, eating without pain, having energy for blogging and photography, sitting in the sunshine, listening to music, dancing, singing.

Right after I came back from the hospital the weather significantly improved. I felt so bad I was missing out on the first real summer days of the year! So now that I'm starting to feel like myself again, I'm really bursting with energy to make up for lost time. Mentally that is, because physically I'm not completely there yet: I still feel extremely exhausted and talking is painful.

Thankfully I have something to look forward to: I'm heading off to the UK next week for a holiday, and I can't WAIT to enjoy the hell out of it :)

Hope you all are well, and enjoying life wherever you are in the world.


  1. I am glad you're feeling better, hope you'll have a speedy recovery from now on!!!

    1. Thank you! (and sorry for the super late response...) I feel much better and am very happy to be able to eat again - it really made me realize how much I love food ;)

  2. Ouch sweetie, sounds like you've had a rough time!! I hope the weather is sunny for you when you pop over to good old blighty!!

    Fingers crossed you'll have a wonderful time and be eating fish and chips before you know it ;)

    1. Thanks Micki! The weather has been great and I've been enjoying scones and shortbread all week... I had some catching up to do ;)