Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Plant Life

I absolutely love how plants cozy up a home and brighten up the place. That being said, I know absolutely nothing about plants, and after killing my third fern - rest in peace, ferns! - I needed to look for a plant more... Jenny-proof. And I think I finally found it: succulents!!!

To be honest, succulents always seemed a bit boring to me. But they are so much more beautiful and interesting than I thought they would be! And the most important thing? I am actually able to keep them alive!! :)

And not just alive: they actually grow! One grew so much, a part became so heavy it broke off!! (...) Okay, as I write this I realize that's probably a bad thing and not something to be proud of,  but it does lead me to another thing I love about succulents: even when a part breaks off, they can be saved!

The little succulent you see in the picture below grew out of the much bigger specimen in the picture above, and somehow broke off. So I stuck it in a bit of earth AND IT JUST KEPT GROWING!

It actually grew ROOTS. Now, for a complete plant-noob like myself, that's just plain cool. It also means I can experiment with the plants, and experimenting is always fun. 

For example, a few days ago a pretty large 'flower' broke off of another big succulent, so I planted it in some earth. Will it grow roots? Only time will tell ;)

During that same 'incident' a few leaves came off. And what do you know? Apparently even the leaves can grow new succulents! So I'm giving that a try now :)

Since I have a sneaky suspicion succulents shouldn't fall apart so often, I should probably read into that. But at least I'm trying, right? And between the parts of succulents and other small plants I'm trying to save (mostly after vicious attacks from our cats...) my windowsill is now a miniature plant hospital!

Let's just hope my nursing skills have improved since the ferns... :S

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