Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 Project: Day 15 + 16

Winter has finally arrived here in my corner of the world. Temperatures are low (which means wearing all kinds of ridiculously warm hats - yay! :) and yesterday it just kept on snowing. It was the good kind of snow, the kind that makes creaky noises beneath your boots and dances in the wind. I tried to photograph the sky, with the snow flying up and down at the same time, in all its prettiness... but all the pictures seemed to depict the falling ashes after a volcano eruption... ;)

365 Project: Day 15

And today? Today the skies were a clear blue, the sun was shining and the snow was filled with the footsteps of humans, cats, dogs and birds. I photographed this beautiful magpie, sitting high up in a tree, looking down on the world.

365 Project: Day 16

Must have been a pretty good view :)

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