Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Getaways (1/5)

This past summer was like a gentle breeze compared to the hurricane that was 2014, and it was good. In august I took two weeks off to chill as much as possible, and I am happy to report: mission accomplished. I had already decided to save money by skipping an expensive holiday this year, but I did spend a week in the lovely province of Drenthe. The Netherlands is such a tiny country, and yet there is a vast difference between the different areas. As soon as I loaded up my car and started driving north, life slowed down to a gentle pace, filled with forests, fields, quiet moments and starry nights. It was exactly what I needed. 

So before summer is over (*insert whimpering here*) I'll share my holiday snapshots in a few posts.   

This is Part One, in which it rained and rained and rained, but I went for a walk anyway. 

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