Friday, September 19, 2014

Goodbye (Summer)

Hey there, Blogland!! I sure hope you haven't forgotten about me since I haven't been posting for TWO MONTHS…... YIKES :( Trust me, it's nothing personal!! I'm afraid I was caught in a rather unexpected shitstorm about six months ago, which turned my whole life completely upside down, and I had to focus on picking up the pieces for a little bit...

But you know what they say, right? Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure, and I managed to keep a pretty positive outlook on things throughout this whole mess. So despite everything, my summer was filled with amazing friends and family, dinner parties, good conversations, spontaneous boat rides, sparkly drinks, pizza, ice cream, babyshowers, birthday parties, Mario Kart-tournaments, shopping sprees, driving lessons and lots and lots of laughter - and I'm so incredibly grateful for that!!

Now summer is slowly fading away and I'm saying goodbye to this season - and so much more. In the fall, new doors will open and life will go on - as she always does.

Bring it on, darling. I'm ready.

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  1. Als altijd, weer prachtig geschreven met schitterende foto's.