Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flow: Book For Paper Lovers

Hello world!!! :) 

I cannot believe how lazy I've been the past few weeks... Sure I was busy enough with work, journaling, trips to Amsterdam and The Hague, shopping, a Hobbit I & II mini-marathon and of course there was Sinterklaas to celebrate (which is always a big deal here in The Netherlands). I just couldn't be bothered with anything but huddling under a blanket and watching Netflix the rest of the time... I tried blogging about how lazy I felt... but I was just too lazy ;)

This Sinterklaas I got the Flow: Book For Paper Lovers. Flow is a Dutch magazine dedicated to paper, crafts and mindfullness and because of their 5 year anniversary they published this book filled with papery goodness like wrapping paper, labels, prints and more :)

So much fun!! You can buy your own copy here.

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