Sunday, November 10, 2013

Contemplating projects

As much as I love making my own stamps, there are just some designs that are way too complicated or  pretty for me to make myself. I could try to reproduce them, but I'd know in advance mine will never be as perfect or detailed.

I bought these two gorgeous stamps here, and I absolutely love them :) Also, I've been contemplating new creative projects now my wedding planning days are over ;) Since crochet is still not really an option due to my back problems, I've been considering journalling. I used to keep journals on a daily basis but somewhere along the way I stopped, and it's a bit of a shame really. Especially since I've been photographing on a daily basis for years now, and haven't really done anything with the pictures (apart from posting a few of them online)... 

So maybe a photo journal should be my next project? It would be a lovely use for my new Parker pen (shown below) and all of my pictures...

Well, I'm not quite sure yet and will continue my contemplating for a bit longer. In the meantime, it's a lot of fun collecting inspiration on Pinterest anyways ;)

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