Monday, July 15, 2013

From one holiday to the next!

I have barely returned from Oxford and I'm already preparing for ANOTHER holiday! This one is in fact my 'actual' holiday: the one I plannend at the beginning of the year. Oxford was more of a spontaneous idea that came to life about six weeks ago. My life is so hard... ;)

On Thursday we are leaving for Denmark and Sweden. We will spend a week in a holiday home in central Sweden, spend a day in Karlstad and make our way back to Denmark for a few days of Copenhagen and hopefully some pretty shorelines. I'm in a bit of a photography mood, so I can't wait to start snapping away!

Since we'll have no internet acces for the majority of our stay (that's 2,5 weeks without internet - yikes!!) I will try to schedule a few blog posts in advance. The next few days will be super busy though, so do not expect a lot of text. A few pictures maybe. Of Oxford and flowers and stuff like that ;)

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

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