Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's a Cat's World

There is good busy and there is bad busy. The last few weeks were good busy. Busy at work, busy at home, busy riding my bike, busy exercising, busy taking a dance course, busy celebrating birthdays. 

This weekend I could finally catch my breath a little. I watched Downton Abbey, did some chores around the house and 'worked' in the garden. 

In my little world 'working' in the garden means cutting away a few dried up flowers, and then spend the rest of my time photographing stuff...

... saving snails...

... and playing with cats :) 

This is one of our cats, Tika, and she is very afraid of the other cats in our neighborhood. She must be so happy the weather is improving since it means me and J can function as her bodyguards when she goes outside ;) 

She is truly sweet tempered and follows us around like a little shadow. She loves playing with sticks and walking with me beyond our garden - which she normally never dares to do - but unfortunately for Tika, it's only a matter of time before the other cats come to take a look...

Who is that shady figure, you might wonder?

It's Willem, our neighbor's cat, sitting on top of a shed overlooking his domain :) The sound
of him alone makes Tika look like this:

Willem meanwhile doesn't really care...

He is way too obsessed with the noises of my camera :)

Okay cats, that's it for me. I'm off to my busy life. You guys be off to... your staring contests, spider catching and naps in the sunshine! :)


  1. Tika is such a beauty and what a neigboor is Willem hun? Great good looking too. I'm a cat lover from BRazil and just lost a female cat of 22 years old named Nina. She was a great friend and companion all those years. Willem looks like a cat I lived with when in Holland, his name was Kessler a very smart Russian Blue. Well I came to visit your space because of you granny square tut, which I loved, thanks for sharing.

    1. 22 years old - wow!!! That is an amazing age for a cat - you must miss her terribly! I love our cats and the cats from our neighborhood with all their craziness ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!
      ~ Jenny

    2. Hi Angelique. A few years ago we had a Russian Blue. He was a gorgeous cat and had an extra toe on all his feet. He would let the kids dress him in baby clothes and push him in the stroller all day. Then later when the kids would lay on the floor watching TV he would sneak up and attack LOL it was his payback for dressing him up. You couldn't help but laugh. My daughter has really waist long hair and he would attack her hair and pull with all he had. We would all just have to laugh it was just the funniest thing. It was like he was plotting all day on how to pay them back for his humiliation he endured all day. This past winter I also lost my beloved KiKi. She was a beautiful Tabby with beautiful blue eyes. She never aged as far as her body and her ability to run around like a kitty. No one ever believed she was 20 years old. She was always very healthy and one night around 11:00 p.m. She started having seizures one right after the other the episode lasted for about an hour and half before she passed away on my lap. It was so heart breaking. Just wanted to share my story yours was so touching. God Bless

  2. Your Tika kitty (Love her name) Looks exactly like our Kitty Bonsia. Our you best son found him abandoned by his mother just a few weeks old and laying in a puddle of deep water. Didn't really think he was going to make it but here he still is 10 years later a fat and happy cat he is 😊😊