Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's Go For A Ride!

After a few months of contemplating, I finally decided to buy myself a new bicycle. I've been driving around on third-hand, crooked bikes-from-hell for years, and it doesn't exactly motivate me to go for a ride. At all. Which is a bit unfortunate, considering I don't own a car and Holland is perfect for cycling... 

So yeah, I bought myself a beautiful, brand new bike, and yesterday I took it for a little spin! :) It was very chilly (around 5°C!) and a vicious wind was blowing across our little corner of the world. 

On the bright side: it was very quiet and peaceful in The Wild, which is just the way I like it ;)

Look at those skies! Hard to believe it's March isn't it? Felt more like January...

And one last action shot! I know I shouldn't photograph while riding my bike, but I just couldn't resist... ;)

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  1. Oh I am so envious of your beautiful flat land, I could walk for miles there without getting dodgy knees ;o)