Saturday, March 7, 2015

Crochet Pear Tutorial :)

I hadn't come around to hanging my Pirum Parum-poster by Fine Little Day in my new home yet, so when my new - PINK! :) - sofa arrived and I finally got around to it, I realized the two looked perfect together :) 

And suddenly I felt the strong urge... to crochet a pear!! 

Aren't they cute together? :) I used patterns I found online so this 'tutorial' will simply be a quick walkthrough of how I made the pear, linking to the patterns I've used. Give credit where credit is due, right?! ;)

Pear Pattern
I used this free pattern by June Gilbank on Planet June, which makes for a great pear-shaped plushie! :) Beware of round 5 though: for some reason I kept ending up with a few stitches too many, even on a retry. No idea if it was me or the pattern… but I eventually fixed it with an invisible decrease to end up with 18 stitches for rounds 6-9! Problem solved ;)

Yarn & hook size
By using a chunky grey yarn I had lying around (hook size 8) my pear ended up much bigger than the one in the tutorial - just the way I had planned :) So basically you can use any yarn and matching hook size you'd like to create a bigger or smaller pear. Note that if you decide to go for a bigger pear, you'll need to start stuffing your plushie a few rounds before the patterns tells you to, otherwise the hole will be too small to get the stuffing in properly!

Eyes & nose
For the eyes I used 8mm plastic safety eyes and for the nose a 15 mm plastic safety nose. Please note that the links refer to a random Etsy-shop to give you an example - I bought mine at a local shop ages ago so please search online or in your area where to find them in your country.

With a smaller yarn and hook size (I used a 3,5 mm hook with matching yarn):

Start with a Magic Circle
Round 1: Single crochet 6 times into the Magic Circle and join with a slip stitch to the first sc (6 st)
Round 2: 2 sc into every stitch from round 1 (12 st)
Join with a slip stitch to first stitch from round to and fasten off

Leave a long end of yarn to stitch the cheeks unto your pear. 

And last but not least… adding a Leaf
For the leaf I used this free pattern by Crochet with Raymond, and the same yarn and hook size (3,5mm) I used for the cheeks.


And there you have it!! Quite a simple little project really… with a very cute result :)

Hope you enjoy!


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