The Writing Tree

Before I started Nittybits I had a blog called The Writing Tree for seven years. When I started The Writing Tree I was a student, still living with her parents, dreaming of writing short stories and books. 'The Writing Tree' was meant to be a writing diary, containing inspiration for stories and funny anecdotes about my life.

Then I graduated, got a job, lost the energy and time to write, and eventually got a new hobby: crafting. I started to write in English so I would be able to communicate with more people in Blogland, I taught myself to crochet, knit, sew and carving out stamps, photography became a big part of my life and graphic, interior and product design became new passions.

I started Nittybits because it fitted the 'new' me better. If you would like to meet the 'old' me, you can find The Writing Tree here.

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